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Based in Hoyland, Barnsley Today is the Premier Lifestyle Magazine in Barnsley. Full of interesting news, views, articles, features and information about what’s happening in and around the area. I’m Peter Holmes – that’s me pictured on the right – and I’m the editor. I’m proud to say that the magazine is produced from start to finish by a small, but very well organised and hard working team. First of all there’s myself, I also have an excellent locally based graphic designer, a team of excellent local regular editorial contributors and, last but not least, a large team of conscientious and very hard working distributors. 

Our distribution team hand deliver 16,000 copies of Barnsley Today each month with every home and business receiving a copy of the magazine in the following areas; Wombwell, Hoyland, Hoyland Common, Platts Common, Blacker Hill, Elsecar, Hemingfield and Jump.

We also collate full and detailed distribution sheets each month, so that we can pinpoint when & where any one of our magazines has been delivered. Unlike some other local publications we don’t rely on the magazine being picked up. I personally don’t believe in just dropping piles of magazines off at different ‘pick-up’ points around the Barnsley area in the ‘hope’ that the publication ‘might’ be picked up and read. Barnsley Today magazine is hand-delivered directly into letterboxes – and I firmly believe that an advertiser is paying for their advert to be seen and not just left in a pile of magazines ‘hoping and waiting’ to be picked up by a casual passer by.

Editorial & Regular Features
Within the magazine there are regular editorial features each month such as our property section, which is always in & around the centre pages of the magazine and is normally between six and eight pages in length. We also have regular articles on such topics such as Health & Beauty, Food reviews with our regular ‘Taste of Barnsley’ feature written by our own local ‘foodie experts’ Allan & Kaye Burnett, Gardening, Legal, Education, Lifestyle and Travel, as well as bi-monthly editorial features on Computers & Technology, Social Media and other interesting topics.
We don’t make any charge to our customers for any of the artwork that we produce for advertisements that appear in Barnsley Today – this is totally free of charge and is part of the price that you pay for your advertisement. However all proofs that are sent out are in a low resolution format, so that they cannot be reproduced by other publications before first appearing in Barnsley Today Magazine or without our express permission.

No advertisement is ever published without it first being approved by the advertiser. A copy of the magazine is always delivered personally or posted by first class post to advertisers on the day preceeding the first day of distribution.

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Classified advertisements that appear in the classified section towards the back of the magazine start from as little as £20 per month.

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