Football is of course a sport that’s loved across the world and the hand of friendship that football offers sometimes works in very strange ways. None more so than recently when, from the green
fields and pitches of Hoyland & Elsecar, Magpies shirts could be seen playing on the parched playing surfaces of Zanzibar in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

So you’re probably thinking what’s the connection? Well one of the parents of three of the Magpies players, Hamid Khamis-Burtoft – who’s boys Leo, Niall & Eddie are all Magpies team members –
asked the Magpies management team if he could have some of the old team kits to take back home when he visited there on holiday. Keen to spread the Magpies word and extend the football love, the Magpies gladly sent out quite a few pieces of kit (over 20 shirts as well as a ball or two) to be shared out amongst the local sides. Low and behold a few weeks ago the photos on this page landed in the Magpies e-mail inbox showing the local team Kiembasamaki from the 2nd Division in Zanzibar playing in their Magpies kits!!

What brilliant pictures and great to see that the Magpies word is being spread all over the world. Well done guys, keep up the hard work and good luck for the forthcoming season with all the
Magpies teams.