At present we are living in unprecedented times, unfortunately however it appears that we are seeing an increasing number of stolen vehicle reports.

The simple fact is that thieves don’t respect lockdown!

Below are 3 ways to reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen!

  1. Invest in a steering wheel lock. Even cheap ones will act as a deterrent, but a lock accredited by the police security initiative Secured By Design will be much harder for thieves to break.
  2. Keep your keys out of sight of any accessible windows that may be left open (even when you are home).
  3. If your car has keyless entry, then please do the following:
  • Try to keep your keys as far away from outside walls as possible. Keeping your keyless fob out of sight is not enough – thieves are able to copy your key from outside your house and steal your car.
  • Double check your doors are locked when using the remote-locking button on your key, in case thieves are trying to block the signal from your remote.
  • For extra protection, keep your keys in a metal box like a key safe, which can stop thieves picking up the signal from your key and opening your car.

If you own any of the following vehicles, then please consider the following information:

  • Older Mercedes – the keyless signal can be switched off by double-clicking the lock button on your key.
  • All Mazdas – contact customer services to get the keyless function deactivated for free
  • Peugeot 508 – contact your local dealer to get the keyless function deactivated for free.